Aveline House - Oval

Aveline House – Oval, London

Aveline House – Oval: A symphony of luxury, culture, and desire.

In London’s heart, where culture teems, A jewel awaits, Aveline gleams. Nine apartments, each a work of art, A vibrant oasis, set apart.

Nestled in Zone 1’s southeast gem, Where Oval, Kennington, and Vauxhall blend, Aveline House – Oval invites you to reside, In luxury’s embrace, where dreams confide.

Beyond its threshold, a world unfolds, Of cafes, restaurants, and tales untold. Where city living meets tranquillity, In this oasis of exclusivity.

Inspired living, a new standard set, In Aveline House – Oval, where dreams are met. A space crafted by two thousand years, Of culture’s whispers, hopes, and cheers.

Step into the allure of Aveline House – Oval, Where your soul awakens, and your heart espouses.

For a limited time, experience the privilege of exclusive ownership, In this vibrant boutique development.

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In the heart of London’s sporting throne,

Where history and passion have grown,

The Oval stands, a venue grand,

Where legends played on sacred land.

Aveline House – Oval, your doorstep’s grace,

Where exclusivity finds its place,

In cuisines diverse, a world to explore,

Satisfying cravings, forever more.

From the old British charm, a local delight,

To Michelin stars that shimmer in the night,

Chinese whispers of culinary bliss,

A Wong’s embrace, a sensuous kiss.

The Savoy, an icon, British and French entwine,

A menu inspired, a taste so divine,

Club Gascon, a Michelin star to behold,

Where French flavours dance, bold and bold.

The Dorchester, a pinnacle of class,

A dining experience, one that will last,

In the arms of luxury, you’ll be embraced,

A culinary journey, beautifully traced.

Surrounding green, where tranquillity lies,

Kennington Park, where the soul often flies,

Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, a haven to be,

A contrast to the city’s frenetic decree.

In every direction, connected you’ll find,

Aveline House – Oval, a gem, one of a kind,

Central London beckons, mere minutes away,

The world at your doorstep, come what may.

Victoria, Notting Hill, Clapham so fine,

Tate Modern, Kensington’s grand design,

With transport abound, in minutes you’ll be,

Exploring the city, wild and free.

For education’s pursuit, London stands tall,

A global leader, beckoning all,

Universities and schools renowned,

Talent from the world over, here is found.

From Westminster School to Arts’ Embrace,

Aveline House – Oval is in the perfect space,

To learn and grow, to reach for the skies,

In London’s embrace, where intellect lies.

London, a city of art and of grace,

Where commerce and culture find their space,

A world unto itself, a marvel to see,

In its vibrant heart, forever be.

Lambeth and Wandsworth, a transformation grand,

A regeneration, a future so grand,

Green spaces, riverside walks to explore,

In this evolving city, so much more.

A promise of jobs, of progress untamed,

A future where dreams and realities are framed,

Lambeth and Wandsworth, a tapestry bright,

In London’s story, a beacon of light.


Aveline House – Oval, a haven designed with a deep understanding that a home is both a sanctuary and canvas for your life’s journey.

Each of these nine exquisitely crafted apartments beckons, inspiring and recharging, while respecting your unique way of being. This is the foundation upon which dreams and aspirations take flight, patiently waiting for your touch.

Outside, an embrace of tranquillity unfolds. Aluminium decking, private balconies adorned with balustrades, and gardens that cradle the ground floor units. Patios and planting beds adorned with trees, shrubs, and perennials. Above, a communal rooftop terrace, graced with porcelain paving, raised planters, and inviting seating areas. A green roof system, a touch of nature on every level.

Within the communal spaces, thoughtful touches abound. Secure cycle storage facilities, a lobby adorned with secure mailboxes, elegant Crittall panels, and doors unveiling exposed concrete stairs, adorned with metal balustrades. The hallway, a grand expanse of tiled walkway bathed in ambient light. And in each of the nine apartments, a personal touch—a communal energy-efficient Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP), individually metered, ensuring comfort and efficiency.

The ground floor, a spacious canvas of three bedrooms and two baths, offering 1147.4 sq ft (106.6 sq m) of harmonious living. A kitchen and living space where stories unfold, an ensuite sanctuary, and two bedrooms that hold dreams. A cloakroom, a lobby, and the promise of a rear garden, where moments of reprieve await.

The first floor, where two bedrooms and two baths invite, extending over 939.7 sq ft (87.3 sq m) of graceful living. A kitchen and living space, a haven of togetherness. An ensuite sanctuary, a second bedroom, and a bath where solace is found. A lobby, and a balcony, where whispers of breeze carry the day.

The second floor, where two bedrooms and two baths cradle you in 815.9 sq ft (75.8 sq m) of comfort and serenity. A kitchen and living space, a realm of shared stories. An ensuite sanctuary, a second bedroom, and a bath that invites quiet contemplation. A lobby, and a balcony, a perch for gazing at the world.

And at the zenith, the penthouse, where two bedrooms and two baths await, enveloping you in 764.2 sq ft (71.0 sq m) of luxury and grace. A kitchen and living space, where inspiration finds its muse. An ensuite sanctuary, a second bedroom, and a bath where solace reigns. A lobby, and a balcony, a private vista of the world below. This, my dear, is accomplished living, where every nuance is woven into the tapestry of a life well-lived.

In the realm of development, there exists a name that whispers promise and opportunity – Brand Property Group. BPG, a steward of London’s most burgeoning neighbourhoods, where the echoes of long-term gains and flourishing yields resonate. Within BPG’s creations lie contemporary abodes, where affordable luxury intertwines seamlessly with the pursuit of prudent investment. Each edifice in our esteemed portfolio is a testament to foresight, crafted with the blueprint of prosperity, enriching today’s living experience while safeguarding the wealth of tomorrow.


In the heart of refinement and luxury, Aveline House – Oval unveils a world of unparalleled grace.

Within, a symphony of 14mm engineered herringbone flooring, a canvas of timeless elegance, embraces every step. Wardrobes by Egger, integrated and bespoke, stand as both functional marvels and aesthetic wonders, with concealed lighting that dances with shadows. Doors painted in a serene white, adorned with formed handles, beckon you further into this sanctuary.

Square-edged architraves and skirting boards, meticulously painted, frame each space in subtle opulence. Underfloor heating, a caress of warmth beneath your feet, caresses every corner. Multizone thermostats ensure a perfect, personalized climate. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) systems bestow a constant, filtered flow of fresh air, harmonizing with your every breath.


Step into the kitchen, where floor-to-ceiling matte-finished cabinets stretch towards the heavens. Integrated handles grant a seamless touch, while 20mm Quartz worktops and matching splashbacks exude a sense of enduring luxury. A stainless-steel under-mounted sink, accompanied by a gleaming mixer tap, awaits its culinary debut. Siemens appliances, a testament to precision and innovation, stand ready – from the touch-controlled induction hob to the washer/dryer, integrated dishwasher, and integrated fridge/freezer. Under-cabinet task lighting and discreet worktop sockets enhance both form and function.


In the realm of relaxation, the bathroom transforms into a sanctuary of indulgence. Vast Italian Marazzi porcelain tiles, reminiscent of sunlit mornings, envelope the space. A marble shower niche adds a touch of opulence. A wall-to-wall mirror, aglow with LED illumination, adds depth and radiance. Lusso vanity units, graced with resin basins and wall-mounted mixer taps, exude sophistication. The thermostatic shower, a cascade of warmth and serenity, finds its place, accompanied by a glass shower screen. A white steel bath, poised for tranquil interludes, awaits. The Grohe wall-hung toilet, with its gentle closure, conceals a cistern and dual flush, harmonizing with both form and function. Xpelair extraction, guided by a humidity sensor, ensures clarity and comfort. Heated towel rails, a touch of indulgence, complete the ensemble. Pocket doors, a stroke of brilliance, add a whisper of privacy to ensuite sanctuaries.

In the realm of illumination, Aveline House – Oval sets a stage of serenity and sophistication. A video entry system, a portal to security and convenience, graces each residence. Flush-fitted LED downlighting, an embrace of subtle radiance, graces every space. Pendant lighting, an invitation to intimacy, adorns principal bedrooms. LED lighting, with sensors that dance with movement, finds its place in every utility cupboard.

In the realm of connectivity, Aveline House – Oval paves the way to a seamless digital existence. High-speed FTTP fibre, a conduit to the future, is provided for each residence. Switches and sockets, finished in a matte veneer, stand as both functional elements and aesthetic touches. Mains smoke and heat detection, a silent guardian, ensures safety and peace of mind.

In every facet, Aveline House – Oval weaves a tapestry of luxury and refinement. This is more than a residence; it is an ode to living, a testament to the art of home.

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In the heart of opulent living, where refinement meets comfort, Aveline House – Oval unveils a range of exquisite residences, each a testament to luxury and elegance.

Prices, a symphony of possibility, range from £667,500 to £1,200,000. Here, value transcends the monetary, echoing the true worth of a life well-lived. Yielding up to 9.7%, Aveline House – Oval stands as an investment of promise, a haven where your future thrives.


Deposit, a mere threshold to possibility, stands at 20/80, granting you access to a realm of refined living. STL is not just a phrase; it is a promise. Here, Short Term Lettings are not just allowed, but welcomed, providing you with the freedom to curate your living experience.

Layouts, a canvas for personal expression, encompass one, two, and three beds, each meticulously designed to cater to your every desire. Share of Freehold, a testament to ownership and legacy, grants you not just a residence, but a piece of a timeless narrative.

Completion, an eagerly awaited crescendo, is set for the majestic third quarter of 2024. This is not just a residence; it is a promise of the future, a space where dreams take root.

Amenities, a tapestry of indulgence, include roof gardens and private balconies. Here at Aveline House – Oval, nature meets luxury, inviting you to bask in the embrace of the outdoors, while still ensconced in the lap of refinement.

Payment terms, an orchestration of convenience, unfolds as follows: A gracious opening, with a Reservation/Booking Fee of GBP 5,000, sets the stage. The journey continues with 10% on Exchange (minus GBP 5,000) within 21 days of Reservation, a testament to commitment. A further 10% within 28 days of Exchange echoes the rhythm of progress. The grand finale, with 80% Balance on Completion, brings the symphony to its zenith.

In every facet, Aveline House – Oval weaves a narrative of luxury and distinction. This is more than a residence; it is an ode to living, a testament to the art of home. As the sun sets over Aveline House – Oval, a legacy begins. Your legacy.

Dear Luxury Lover, allow me to extend an exclusive invitation: a mere click, a gateway to securing your sanctuary within the resplendent embrace of Aveline House – Oval. Time is of the essence, for such coveted abodes are cherished swiftly. Click now, and claim your haven of opulence at Aveline House – Oval before it graces another discerning soul.


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