No 149 Old Park Lane

No 149 Old Park Lane, London

No 149 Old Park Lane

No 149 is situated on the corner of Old Park Lane and Piccadilly, overlooking Green Park and in close proximity to Hyde Park Corner, Sloane Street, Buckingham Palace, and both underground and overground transport links.

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The intricate interior design entwined with classic contemporary pieces create a traditional feel

In the heart of opulence and shadows, nestled within the enigmatic embrace of the city, lies the clandestine sanctuary known only as No 149 Old Park Lane

This enigmatic abode exudes an aura of dark allure, a haven of mysteries yet unveiled.

No 149 Old Park Lane, shrouded in secrets, stands sentinel, an ominous sentinel, mere steps away from the grandeur of Knightsbridge, the elegance of Belgravia, and the timeless charm of Mayfair. In its veiled presence, whispers of exclusivity dance through the night.

As the moon casts its pallid glow upon cobblestones, world-renowned emporiums of luxury and indulgence emerge from the depths of obscurity. The Ritz, with its storied halls, and the Mandarin, cloaked in an aura of mystique, stand guard at the threshold of No 149 Old Park Lane, their own narratives entwined with the enigma of the place.

Dining takes on a new dimension within the hallowed halls of No 149 Old Park Lane. Here, every morsel tells a tale of decadence and intrigue. Each sip of wine resonates with centuries of whispered confidences. Entertainment, a symphony of shadows and light, finds its stage within these walls, where enigmatic performances captivate the senses.

Culture breathes within the very fabric of No 149 Old Park Lane. It weaves its narrative through every tapestry, every stroke of artistry adorning the walls. Here, history and enigma dance a silent waltz, inviting discerning souls to join in the reverie.

And then there is the allure of the hunt, the siren call of indulgence. Harrods, a bastion of opulence, and Harvey Nichols, a paragon of luxury, stand as sentinels to desire, beckoning those who dare to venture into the realm of No 149 Old Park Lane.

In the depths of night, when the city slumbers and shadows come to life, No 149 Old Park Lane whispers its invitation. It beckons those with a taste for the mysterious, a penchant for the enigmatic. Within its hallowed halls, a symphony of luxury and secrecy plays on, a nocturnal serenade to those who seek the extraordinary.

No 149 Old Park Lane, a name that lingers on the lips of the privileged few, a place where darkness and luxury intertwine in a dance of seduction. In the heart of the city’s secrets, it stands, a testament to the allure of the unknown, a sanctuary for those who dare to step beyond the threshold of the ordinary.

Knightsbridge, Belgravia, and Mayfair bow in deference to the enigma that is No 149 Old Park Lane. They offer their treasures, their splendors, but it is within the embrace of this clandestine abode that true decadence finds its home.

And so, the tale of No 149 Old Park Lane continues, whispered in the hallowed halls of world-renowned hotels, echoed in the clink of fine crystal, and woven into the very fabric of the city’s history. It is a tale of shadows and light, of opulence and intrigue, a tale that beckons those who crave the extraordinary.

Step forth, if you dare, into the embrace of No 149 Old Park Lane. Let its mysteries envelop you, let its allure captivate you. For within its walls, a world of darkness and luxury awaits, ready to reveal its secrets to those who are bold enough to seek them.

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It has retained many of the original classical and Art Nouveau features

Welcomed by a century of traditional architecture, No 149 Old Park Lane, London salutes residents and guests with its traditionally refined entrance

It has retained many of the original classical and Art Nouveau features of the original design.

No 149 Old Park Lane is an exquisite period building has an elevator, a 24-hr porterage and concierge services. The residence spans 5,068 sq ft across the entire fourth floor of the building. It includes a grand foyer, a reception hall, a master bedroom with his and her dressing rooms and en-suite bathrooms, an expansive kitchen, and four guest bedrooms including staff accommodations.

Imagine living in No 149 Old Park Lane, a home where every detail has been meticulously considered, from the handmade joinery to the luxurious finishes

Where you can relax in a bespoke kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, or unwind in a spa-like bathroom with bespoke fittings and polished marble.

That’s the kind of life you can expect at No 149 Old Park Lane, an exceptional property.

The moment you step inside No 149 Old Park Lane, London, you’ll be greeted by the warmth of the timber flooring with metal inlay, and the elegance of the bespoke wallpapering. The ceilings are exceptionally high, creating a sense of grandeur and spaciousness.

The kitchen is a chef’s dream, with specialist finishes, polished stone countertops and backsplashes, and integrated Gaggenau appliances throughout. There’s also a separate back of house kitchen and utility rooms with further Grade A appliances.

The bathrooms are just as impressive, with specialist fittings by top of the range suppliers such as Dornbracht, Bard and Brazier, Drummonds or similar. The marble is polished to perfection, and there are specialist polished plaster wall finishes in selected bathrooms. The bespoke wall mounted vanity units in polished marble are the perfect finishing touch.

The bedrooms are luxurious and inviting, with plush carpets and thoughtful details such as his and hers walk in dressing rooms in the master suite with specialist finishes and luxurious detailing.

Throughout the property, the intricate interior design entwined with classic contemporary pieces create a traditional feel. It’s a home that is both stylish and welcoming, where you can truly relax and enjoy the finer things in life.

In addition to the stunning features and amenities, No 149 Old Park Lane, London also has a state-of-the-art security and audiovisual system. The intruder alarm integration with Grade 2 SSAIB approved alarm ensures that your home is always safe and secure. The remotely accessible CCTV security system provides you with peace of mind wherever you are.

The fully integrated home automation system controlling lights, audio-visual and HVAC makes it easy to control your home environment with the touch of a button. The 9.2 invisible plaster-in speakers throughout the property create an immersive sound experience. And the comprehensive cabling infrastructure to suit all requirements means that your home is ready for the future.

No 149 Old Park Lane, London is an exceptional property offering the ultimate in luxury and convenience. It’s a home where you can truly create a life that you love.

Imagine walking through the solid oak French polished bespoke doors into your new home. The handmade joinery is evident throughout No 149 Old Park Lane, from the elegant staircase to the intricate details on the kitchen cabinets. You take a deep breath and savor the smell of fresh coffee brewing from the Gaggenau coffee maker in your bespoke kitchen.

You walk upstairs to your master suite, where you are greeted by the luxurious walk-in dressing rooms and spa-like bathroom. You step into the shower and feel the warm water cascading over your skin, surrounded by polished marble and bespoke fittings.

After a relaxing shower, you get dressed and head downstairs to the living room. You sink into the plush sofa and turn on the invisible plaster-in speakers to enjoy your favorite music. You close your eyes and take in the beauty of your new home, feeling truly grateful for the opportunity to live in such a luxurious and elegant space.

This is just a glimpse of the life that you could be living at this exceptional property.

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