California million dollar house

California million dollar house: Luxury 3 BR in Topanga, CA for sale

In the heart of Topanga, where the whispers of the wind carry secrets of serenity, there lies a sanctuary unlike any other.

Behold, a haven where the artistry of life meets the comfort of home.

Welcome to a dwelling where every corner sings with the melody of tranquility and every sunrise paints the sky with hues of possibility.

California million dollar house

California million dollar house: Luxury 3 BR in Topanga, CA for sale

This, my friends, is more than a mere house; it’s a symphony of dreams, a California million dollar house where luxury meets liberation.

As you embrace the winding roads leading to this oasis, let your heart dance with anticipation.

For what awaits you is not just a property, but an experience—a chance to immerse yourself in the essence of Topanga living.

Picture it: two separate structures, standing proud amidst 2045 square feet of interior opulence and 1400 square feet of deck space, beckoning you to indulge in the embrace of nature’s embrace.

Step inside the main house and feel the allure of seamless indoor/outdoor living, embodied by a majestic sliding glass hideaway door.

Beyond lies a wrap-around deck, offering panoramic vistas of the majestic Topanga mountains.

Here, the harmony of kanso and feng shui reign supreme, inviting you to shed your worries and bask in the embrace of good vibes.

Feast your eyes upon the beauty that surrounds you—natural bamboo and maple hardwood floors, caressed by the warmth of custom select tile in every bathroom and the open-concept kitchen.

Lose yourself in the elegance of custom walnut cabinets and nano glass countertops, where culinary dreams take flight.

And oh, the master bedroom—a sanctuary within a sanctuary—awaits with an en-suite bathroom, a walk-in closet spacious enough to hold a universe of memories, and its own private patio, whispering secrets to the stars above.

But the magic doesn’t end there, dear friends. Behold the new addition, a 720-square-foot testament to modern luxury.

Here, an EV-powered two-car garage awaits, ready to cradle your vehicles in comfort. But it’s not just a garage—it’s a haven for music lovers and home office aficionados alike.

Picture acoustically insulated floors, ample electrical outlets, and in-ground wiring for your studio dreams to take flight.

As the day fades into night, ascend to the rooftop deck, where grand views await beneath a canopy of stars.

Here, you can indulge in evenings with friends or nights of “glamping,” where the only limit is your imagination.

But it’s not just about the house—it’s about the lifestyle it offers. Wake up to the embrace of a sunrise and embark on a nature hike with your loved ones.

Let the nearby Topanga Elementary School become a second home for your children, and the Backbone Trail a playground for your furry companions.

This, my friends, is more than just a property; it’s a way of life. A chance to step into the Topanga state of mind and embrace the calm that restores the soul.

This is the place to call home—a California million dollar house where dreams are born and memories are made.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the allure of Topanga living and make this sanctuary your own.

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Moses Oyong is a luxury real estate advisor with a passion for arts and culture, music, fashion, and all things luxurious. With a keen eye for beauty and attention to detail. I strive to help my clients find their dream homes that reflect their unique sense of style and taste whilst providing them with the right information to ease the stress of the decision-making process.

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