EDITION Residences Miami Edgewater

EDITION Residences Miami Edgewater

Welcome to the iconic EDITION Residences Miami Edgewater – A world where luxury knows no bounds

Imagine a 55-story glass tower that stands tall, reaching 649 feet along the enchanting shores of Biscayne Bay.

This is not just a tower; it’s a testament to design brilliance by none other than Bernardo Fort-Brescia, the visionary behind Arquitectonica, a renowned Miami-based architecture firm.

But it doesn’t stop there. Venture inside, and you’ll find a universe of elegance meticulously crafted by the talented hands of Alessandro Munge and his team at Studio Munge.

This isn’t just about interiors; it’s about creating an immersive experience that resonates with style and comfort.

And guess who’s behind the scenes, ensuring every detail is nothing short of perfection? EDITION Hotels. Yes, the same folks who have mastered the art of hospitality.

They’re the ones managing and operating EDITION Residences, transforming it into more than just a place to live – it’s a lifestyle.

Now, let’s talk about your future home. Picture this: 185 luxurious residences ranging from intimate one-bedroom retreats to expansive four-bedroom sanctuaries.

Size? Anywhere from 1,900 to over 3,800 square feet, giving you the freedom to choose the space that suits your lifestyle.

And here’s the kicker – every residence comes with sweeping panoramic views of the bay and the vast expanse of the ocean. It’s not just a home; it’s a daily dose of natural beauty.

But hold on, we’re just getting started. Ever dreamed of living in a penthouse? EDITION Residences offers not one, but two exclusive tri-level Penthouses. Private rooftop pools, gardens – it’s like having your own piece of paradise in the sky.

Now, let’s talk about the extras – the amenities. EDITION Residences doesn’t just offer a place to live; it’s a playground of experiences. Whether you prefer the indoors or the outdoors, there’s something for everyone. Immerse yourself in a lifestyle where every day feels like a vacation.

And if convenience is on your checklist, direct access to the Miami Baywalk is at your doorstep. Over 800 linear feet of waterfront magic, leading you straight to the vibrant Margaret Pace Park. It’s not just a walk; it’s a journey through the heartbeat of Miami.

EDITION Residences Miami Edgewater, is more than just a residential address. It’s an introduction to a lifestyle of unparalleled luxury, where design, comfort, and convenience converge.

The story doesn’t end here – it’s just the beginning. Dive into the details, explore the facets of EDITION Residences, and discover why this isn’t just a place to live; it’s a statement, a celebration of the extraordinary. 

Read on for an in-depth look at the breathtaking features and experiences that await you at EDITION Residences, where every moment is an opportunity to live life at its finest.

Do you want more? Oh Yeahhh!

RealEstateMoses Blog

Hey there, Luxury Lover!

Buckle up because I’m about to take you on a wild ride through the hottest spot in Miami – EDITION Residences, Miami Edgewater!

Picture this: 2121 N Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33137, right in the heart of the Edgewater neighbourhood. Yeah, we’re talking about the place that’s about to redefine your idea of the perfect home.

Now, hold on to your hats because we’re not just talking about any old neighbourhood. EDITION Residences is strutting its stuff just steps away from Margaret Pace Park – Miami’s ultimate waterfront playground.

Imagine having one of the city’s most coveted recreational areas practically in your backyard. It’s like having a front-row seat to all the action!

And guess what? The excitement doesn’t stop there. We’re talking 5-10 minutes from Wynwood, Midtown Miami, the Miami Design District, and Museum Park.

Think about it – you’re practically living in the epicenter of Miami’s cultural and artistic explosion. Street art, chic boutiques, and a vibrant atmosphere – it’s all right at your fingertips.

But hey, we know you’re not just into the artsy stuff. You want the heart of the action, right? Well, EDITION Residences has got you covered.

How does 10-15 minutes from Downtown Miami, the Port of Miami, and the Brightline’s Miami Central Station sound?

It’s like having the city at your doorstep – work, play, and everything in between is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

And here’s where it gets even better. How about 15-20 minutes from the famous Miami Beaches, the hustle and bustle of Brickell, the tranquility of Key Biscayne, and the convenience of Miami International Airport?

It’s not just a home; it’s a launching pad for all your adventures. Whether you’re in the mood for sun-soaked beaches, trendy city vibes, or a quick getaway, EDITION Residences puts it all within reach.

So, here’s the deal – EDITION Residences Miami Edgewater, isn’t just a place to crash; it’s a lifestyle. It’s the pulse of the city, the rhythm of Miami, and the epicenter of your next big adventure. 

Stay tuned because we’re about to dive deeper into the magic that awaits you at EDITION Residences.

I’m talking apartments, features, amenities, views that will make your jaw drop, and a living experience that’s as thrilling as the city itself. Get ready to live life at its most exciting – EDITION Residences style… Oh Yeahhh!!!

EDITION Residences Miami Edgewater

EDITION Residences Miami Edgewater – A realm of opulence and refinement

Extends a royal welcome to its discerning residents. This is not just a residence; it’s a symphony of sophistication orchestrated by EDITION, offering exceptional living spaces enveloped in an aura of tranquil modern exclusivity.

A Grand Residence Experience:

Elevate your living standards with our meticulously designed residences, ranging from one to four bedrooms and spanning from 1,952 to 3,815 square feet.

The journey begins as semi-private elevators transport you to your Private Residential Foyer, an exclusive entrance setting the tone for the grandeur that awaits.

Adorned with 10-foot ceiling heights, each residence exudes a sense of spaciousness, while up to 10-foot deep terraces unveil panoramic views of Biscayne Bay, Downtown Miami, Miami Beach, and the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

The allure of the outdoors seamlessly merges with the indoors through floor-to-ceiling glass windows and sliding glass terrace doors, allowing natural light to cascade across your living space.

Your personal sanctuary extends to spacious walk-in closets, dedicated laundry rooms featuring full-size, side-by-side washer and dryer, and pre-wiring for custom window treatments.

The epitome of convenience is realized with dedicated parking, complemented by an additional valet option for an added touch of luxury.

Masterful Bath Retreats:

Indulge in the pinnacle of luxury within your master bathroom, a sanctuary clad in Natural Dolomite honed stone.

A wet room with a shower niche for toiletries invites tranquility, while a custom free-standing tub positioned along a floor-to-ceiling glass window offers a breathtaking panorama of Biscayne Bay.

The double vanity, adorned with a backlit mirror, White Oak soft-close cabinets, and under-cabinet shelf with lighting, creates an ambiance of sophistication.

Designer Kohler plumbing fixtures in a Vibrant Brushed Nickel finish and an electric toilet with an opaque glass privacy door add the finishing touches to this masterful retreat.

Culinary Excellence in the Kitchen:

The heart of culinary excellence beats in the kitchen, where custom millwork cabinetry in a Natural White Oak finish meets the elegance of Natural Dolomite honed stone countertops and a full backsplash. 

Panel-ready appliances, including a 30” Subzero Designer Column Refrigerator, 30” Subzero Designer Column Freezer with Ice Maker, a 24” Subzero Designer Undercounter Wine Cooler, and a 24” ASKO Dishwasher in the kitchen island, combine form and function. 

A five-burner 36” Wolf Contemporary Gas Cooktop, a built-in 36” Wolf Ceiling-Mounted Stainless Steel Hood, and a built-in 30” Wolf M Series Contemporary Single Oven complete this culinary haven.

Powder Room Extravagance:

Even the powder room is a testament to extravagance, featuring a single vanity with a Natural Dolomite honed stone countertop and White Oak soft-close cabinets.

Designer Kohler plumbing fixtures in a Vibrant Brushed Nickel finish add a touch of sophistication.

Optional upgrades include White Oak wood wall paneling, ceiling accent lighting, a mirror, and wall sconce, creating an ambiance of refined elegance.

Flooring Fit for Royalty:

Luxuriate in the embrace of porcelain flooring throughout your unit, with the option to choose from three exquisite flooring options.

For those who crave the epitome of refinement, the White Oak wood flooring, showcased in the sales gallery, stands as an optional upgrade.

Even the balcony flooring exudes opulence, adorned with porcelain tile, creating a seamless transition from your residence to the outdoor oasis.

The Grand Visionaries Behind the EDITION Residences:

This grandeur isn’t just by chance; it’s the vision of Two Roads Development, masterminds behind this architectural marvel.

The interiors, a tapestry of luxury and style, are woven by the artistic genius of Studio MUNGE, while the architectural brilliance comes courtesy of Bernardo Fort-Brescia of Arquitectonica.

Together, they have crafted EDITION Residences Miami Edgewater, into a living masterpiece, where every detail is an ode to opulence.

This masterpiece – EDITION Residences Miami Edgewater, is not just a residence; it’s an indulgence in the extraordinary.

From the grandeur of the residences to the meticulous details of the master bathroom, kitchen, and beyond, each element has been curated to elevate your living experience. 

Read on as I delve deeper into the lavish amenities, panoramic views, and the overall living experience that awaits you at EDITION Residences – a sanctuary of opulence in the heart of Miami Edgewater.

EDITION Residences Miami Edgewater

Welcome to the sweet embrace of EDITION Residences Miami Edgewater – Where every detail is dipped in the richness of honey

From floor-to-ceiling glass bathing your space in ample natural light to the grandeur of 25-foot ceilings framing panoramic views of Biscayne Bay, this is where opulence meets the honeyed warmth of home.

A Symphony of Light and Elegance:

Picture this – the allure of covered Porte-Cochère leading you to a grand three-story Lobby adorned with Valet, Security, and a Reception Desk that welcomes you with the sweetness of hospitality.

As you step further into this decadent world, the Library and Social Lounges beckon, guiding you towards bayfront garden terraces adorned with private fireside lounges. It’s a serenade of luxury, where every step is a dance of elegance.

Poolside Paradise:

But wait, there’s more sweetness to savor. A full-service Poolside Lounge and Bar seamlessly connect to the cabana-lined bayfront Pool, creating a haven where relaxation and indulgence coalesce. Imagine basking in the sun, cocktail in hand, surrounded by the gentle hum of tranquility.

Pet-Friendly Bliss:

For our furry companions, a private Dog Run and Grooming Suite await, adding a touch of honeyed delight to their daily routine.

And for the environmentally conscious, electric vehicle charging stations stand ready, providing a taste of sustainable living.

Guest Suites Galore:

For those times when you want to share the sweetness, indulge in one of the 6 Guest Suites available for the use of all residents.

It’s not just a stay; it’s a chance to share the honeyed embrace of EDITION Residences with friends and family.

Fitness and Recreation Extravaganza:

Get ready to sweeten your fitness routine at the state-of-the-art Fitness Center & Yoga Studio.

And when relaxation calls, surrender yourself to a full Spa treatment program serviced by EDITION.

It’s a wellness journey where every indulgence is a drop of honey for your soul.

Entertainment Wonderland:

Venture into the magical realms within – a Private Dining Room with panoramic views of the Miami Skyline, a Board Room for strategic gatherings, and a Teen Room featuring Virtual Reality Gaming Technology for the young at heart. It’s a playground for the senses.

Family Fun and Fine Dining:

But it doesn’t stop there – a Children’s Room, Multi-sport Simulator, Cinema, and Two Pickleball Courts add a dash of excitement to your days.

And for the culinary connoisseur in you, an on-site Fine Dining Restaurant and Catering Kitchen beckon, offering a feast for the palate.

Concierge Bliss – Residential List of Services:

The sweetness doesn’t end with amenities; our dedicated staff at EDITION Residences is here to curate your every desire.

From airline and private air reservations to coordinating delivery services, we’re your personal concierge, ensuring your experience is as smooth as honey.

Indulge in the Sweetness of À La Carte Services:

But what if you crave something extra? Our à la carte services are here to elevate your living experience.

From grocery shopping to in-residence dining, personal chef services, and even plant care maintenance – consider it a honeyed touch to your daily life.

EDITION Residences Miami Edgewater, is not just a residence; it’s a tapestry of indulgence woven with the threads of honeyed luxury.

From the moment you enter the covered Porte-Cochère to the personalized services and recreational wonders, every detail is a sweet note in the symphony of your life. 

Read on as I explore more, unraveling the layers of sweetness that define the living experience at EDITION Residences – where every moment is dipped in the richness of milk and honey. Oh Yeahh!

RealEstateMoses Blog

Dear Luxury Lover, get ready to unleash your desires and dive into the seductive world of EDITION Residences Miami Edgewater

I’m not just talking about a place to call home; I’m talking about an exclusive haven where the air is charged with passion and the experiences are as naughty as they are luxurious.

Exclusive VIP Seduction with EDITION Residences Miami Edgewater:

Let’s kick things off with the Exclusive Edition VIP benefits that will have you yearning for more.

A 30-year contract with the EDITION brand means your residence is handled with the finesse of a lover – just like they manage their hotels.

Picture this: a building that oozes sensuality, services that leave you breathless, and a fabulous restaurant that caters to your every desire.

And oh, the staff undergoes annual training, ensuring they maintain the polish and finesse needed to satisfy your every whim.

Owner Benefits – A Steamy Affair with Marriott International:

But the affair doesn’t stop there. Marriott International Luxury Residences are here to seduce you with a mission – to deliver an inspiring journey rooted in the distinct character of each locale.

Think of it as an affair with expanded perspectives and exquisitely enchanting elegance that will truly touch your spirit.

With new hotel addresses in captivating destinations worldwide, every stay promises a rendezvous with memories that will make your heart race.

Inspired Settings – Where Passion Meets Luxury:

Oh, but it gets hotter. The Marriott International Luxury Residences Hotel Reservation Service is here to craft an experience that’s as unique as your desires.

VIP status with Guest Relations? Check.

A 10% discount on the regular room rate? Oh, yes. An upgrade at the time of check-in? It’s like an unexpected kiss.

Daily breakfast for two? Breakfast in bed, anyone?

Special hotel amenity, a welcome amenity from the General Manager, complimentary high-speed internet access, and a 4 pm check-out – it’s a symphony of pleasure.

Rewarding Experiences – The Pleasure of Marriott Bonvoy™:

Now, let’s talk about the world’s richest loyalty travel program – Marriott Bonvoy™.

This is where passion meets purpose. With over 7,000 hotels and resorts in 130 countries, it’s an invitation to explore pleasure across extraordinary brands.

Earn points for every dollar spent on accommodations, indulge in preferred rates, and unlock endless experiences that will leave you craving for more.

Exclusive Member Benefits – Because You Deserve It:

As an exclusive member, the seduction continues with special offers through luxury partners, exclusive access to exquisite experiences, and benefits at premium properties around the globe.

It’s not just about points; it’s about the pleasure of redeeming them for complimentary stays, air travel, and so much more.

With access to 100,000+ experiences, your journey with Marriott Bonvoy™ is a never-ending adventure of indulgence.

EDITION Residences, Miami Edgewater, isn’t just a residence; it’s a sultry affair that combines the exclusive allure of EDITION with the passion and luxury of Marriott International.

From the Exclusive Edition VIP benefits that set the mood to the seductive promises of Marriott Bonvoy™, every element is designed to ignite the flames of desire. 

Get ready to be seduced, spoiled, and immersed in a world where luxury meets lasciviousness – EDITION Residences style.

RealEstateMoses Blog
EDITION Residences Miami Edgewater

EDITION Residences, Miami Edgewater – The redefinition of opulence in every detail 

Picture this: the Bayfront Residences on Floors 03-07, where the One Bedroom + Den (B1) units start at a lavish $2,000,000, and the Three Bedrooms (AA) unveil a world of indulgence starting from $4,425,000.

But that’s just the beginning of the story. As we ascend to the Signature Residences on Floors 10-40, you’re greeted with a selection that whispers elegance.

The Two Bedrooms + Den (B2) residences start at a captivating $3,050,000, while the Three Bedrooms (A – North) and Three Bedrooms (A – South) beckon you into a realm of luxury with starting prices of $4,385,000 and $4,315,000, respectively.

And then, we soar to the heights of luxury with the Sky Residences on Floors 41-53. The Two Bedrooms + Study (C) residences start at a breathtaking $3,920,000, while the Three Bedrooms (AAA) and Four Bedrooms (D) embrace you in a world of extravagance, with starting prices of $5,575,000 and $6,920,000, respectively.

Now, let’s talk about exclusivity. These residences are not just available; they’re in high demand, with 40% deposits secured by a strategic payment plan – 20% at contract, 10% at groundbreaking, and another 10% at the pouring of the unit floor.

The grand finale? Delivery is anticipated in Q4 2026/Q1 2027, setting the stage for a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary.

But, dear connoisseur of luxury living, the journey doesn’t end here. It’s only just begun.

RealEstateMoses invites you to immerse yourself in the details, to explore the intricacies of this exclusive development.

It’s not just about buying a residence; it’s about acquiring a piece of the EDITION Residences, Miami Edgewater legacy.

Why settle for the mundane when you can indulge in a lifestyle that mirrors your aspirations? Every unit is a testament to thoughtful design, unparalleled views, and a level of luxury that sets a new standard.

EDITION Residences isn’t just a place to live; it’s a statement, a canvas where your dreams take center stage.

For those who demand the extraordinary, for those who understand that luxury isn’t just a price tag but an experience, RealEstateMoses is your guide through this exclusive development.

Contact RealEstateMoses now, and let’s embark on a journey to discover the epitome of luxurious living – EDITION Residences Miami Edgewater awaits.

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